Rethinking financial services

Future Projects

Focus of future activies lies within the triangle of Data, Tokenization and Open Banking.
It is mk´s strong belief, that those 3 components will drastically change the global landscape financial services.

Current Projects


„Let’s conquer the financial world with games! We are on a mission to unleash the power of games for creating fun, boosting financial literacy, and enabling financial freedom for all! Introducing the first-ever financial market edutainment (FME) games platform, designed for enthusiasts of the financial services space. Games are proven to be powerful educational tools.

At Tradelite, we enable financial services providers to acquire, engage and empower customers like never before! We are a hugely passionate and ambitious team — made up of serial FinTech entrepreneurs, digital CX enthusiasts and game lovers— and we simply cannot wait to share our vision with a growing community of like-minded partners, FinServs and customers.“


A truly digital debt-servicing platform (“DSP”) driving the future of financial services.

One obvious way improving a bank´s EBT without creating the need of additional equity is decreasing the rate of NPLs. But, how to achieve that? Today´s world of Data and AI allow new approaches which do not only improve a bank´s EBT but also the customer experience. Re:ceeve is offering such a solution which is why mk supports that company as a business angel and senior advisor.

Lead1ng AG

Helping Leaders & Entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitious goals

More than anything else, Fintech is a Culture-Game, not a Tec-Game, which is why mk is sharing his leadership experience as a member of the supervisory board.
On top, HR-Management has to understand that the digital and mobile lifestyle also is changing the behaviour of a companies team. Tools of HR management must reflect that development.

Historic Projects


Crypto Finance

“Deutsche Börse acquires majority in #Crypto Finance AG!
As a (very proud) shareholder, my gratitude goes to the whole team for making this happen! What an excellent performance!”


DAB Bank

The first discount broker on the European continent.

Founded in 1994 IPO 1999
Acquisition of SELFTRADE in 2000
Acquired by Cortal Consors in 2015


Ingenious Technologies

Performance Based Sales and Customer Acquisition


2004: The team around mk was an incubating investor to ZIELTRAFFIC, understanding the new dynamics of digital customer acquisition.
Moving from an „agency model“ to a „tec-based solution“, Zieltraffic became ingenours technologies. Fidor Bank AG was a shareholder until 2019.


Open Banking Marketplace

Using the solution of „Ingenious Technologies“, Fidor´s Team created Efficient Scale, an open Banking market place.


Die Sparschwein AG

Saving without Money

The team around mk was an incubating founder in 2006. It was the objective to „close the loop“:
Sell used items via e-bay agents in coop with QUELLE
Ebay Income to be paid in to a „high yield account“ in Koop with KarstadtQuelle Bank
Higher interest rate once customer shares consumption wishes
Special offers with reduced prices to those wishes.
Sparschwein AG then became the nucleus of later Fidor Bank, integrating existing customers and deposits.

Smart Banking for a digital lifestyle

Fidor Bank is Europe’s original digital challenger bank. Founded in 2009 in Germany, Fidor hast steadily built on a reputation as the world’s first ‘fintech bank’, pioneering collaboration between traditional financial services and technology business.

Fidor Bank aims to offer a truly customer-centric banking service, offering fast and digital-first services that establish a ‘new normal’ for banking in the digital era – from crowdfunding and trading of virtual currencies to 60-second bank services and crypto offerings.


Leading innovator for digital platform banking

Fidor Solutions provides the innovative digital backbone for Fidor Bank, in addition to acting as a co-entrepreneur with partner-banks and non-financial-institutions – providing them the necessary technology, services and expertise to design and drive their own digital banking project.

From the beginning, technology was at the core of Fidor’s strategy.

One integration. Multiple solutions.

We provide businesses with easy access to banking and payment solutions to help them expand internationally.

OpenPayd was established as a technology-led platform that delivers simple solutions through easy access. Our products and services are provided through a single integration and can be used by businesses directly or as a white-label offering to their customers.

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