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Matthias Kroener is known as an inspiring thought leader and keynote speaker for banking, fintech and the disruption of the global financial services industry.

He loves to share and discuss his thoughts and believes in the next big thing – in personal exchange and social media. Below you will find some brain food, for example videos and media coverage.



mk has been invited to speak at many high-level conferences, corporate events
and leadership workshops all over the world.


The Book

„Kümmer Dich um Dein Geld, sonst tun es andere…“

is a call to people and bank customers to position themselves as responsible customers. The book was written together with Stephan Czajkowski and a broad community of experts. It gives readers the authority they need to handle the own money. It also describes the do’s and don’ts in handling money, the mistakes that even experts make and how to gain an initial overview of finance in only 15 minutes a week.

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